Fairfield Church 2nd June 2019

Sunday 2nd June we are joining up with the St Peter’s congregation to celebrate 20 years of #openthebook in school assemblies. (10 am. Opposite Lidl).

So this means we’re not meeting at Fairfield Church.

Open the Book assemblies happen in almost every school in our Deanery, bar, I think, two or three. Most are weekly, some less often. The whole activity takes about an hour, from arrival through rehearsal and including the assembly itself.

Last week at my conference, the statistic that 65% of churches have no children in their Sunday morning worship was dragged out yet again.

After about an hours totting up I realised that EVERY week in our Deanery schools around …2000… children are taking part in worship.

The basic format is:

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • A bible story which is acted out by the children
  • A conclusion
  • A reflection
  • A prayer
  • A worship song

Sound familiar? It’s CHURCH! Not on a Sunday and not counted in those silly stats.

2000 children a week!! That’s worthy of a celebration!!

Our OtB team currently stands at 11 lovely people, who lead and read and one who creates costumes and props. Drop by my study to see them all! It’s bursting!!

If more people join in we can expand into the schools that we’re currently not able to reach. Is this you? Let’s set a goal of every child in Evesham being able to hear a bible story every week.

St Peter’s starts at 10 am (no breakfast)

I shall email everyone too and put a notice on church door, and, on the website. Please pass it on.